Akimoto Haruka
Kanji 秋元はるか
Romaji Akimoto Haruka
Full Name Akimoto Haruka
Nicknames Haru, Ruru
Species Human
Alter Ego Sailor Earth
Associates Solaris, Saito Hikari, Mizugashi Fuyu
Personal Information
Current Residence Tokyo
Gender Female
Age 16
Birthdate April 24, 1998
Star Sign Taurus
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Dark Brown
Theme Color Green
Likes A cool breeze, sports, friends
Dislikes Eris, bullies, lettuce, banana
Powers Healing


Anime Information
Series Sailor Earth
Debut Episode Pinch! The story of Sailor Earth begins!
Voiced by Momoko Hayashi
Akimoto Haruka (秋元はるか Akimoto Haruka) is the main protagonist and leader of the anime Sailor Earth. Since the age of twelve, she has been a lone Sailor Scout fighting against Eris and she can be a bit anti social. Her alter ego is Sailor Earth (セーラーアース Sērā Āsu)and her theme colour is green with the sub colour of pink. Her powers are based of healing and nature.





Sailor EarthEdit

The protector of earth, Sailor Earth! On behalf of the Earth, I will punish you!
地球のプロテクター、セーラーアース! 大地 に 変わって, お仕置き よ!
Chikyū no purotekutā, Sērā Āsu! Daichi ni kawatte, oshioki yo!



Transformation PhrasesEdit

Attacks and WeaponsEdit

Image SongsEdit

Haruka's voice actor, Momoko Hayashi, has participated in many image songs for the character she voices. These songs include:



  • Her theme colour is the same as Sailor Jupiter but the green and pink on her outfit is different.
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