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Mousy Warriors (ネズミのような戦士) is a Japanese magical girl anime created by User:Juliominako


First Season[]

"Hikaru" is a cheerful and curious institute student that one day meets an strange pink female mouse called "Nezu-Ai". Nezu Ai gives Hikaru the "Mousy Credit Card", a misterious technological item that allows hikaru to transform into the legendary Mousy Warrior called "Mousy Love". Soon, Hikaru's best friends became her partners: "Sora", an sporty girl meets a red mouse called "Nezu-Kasai" and becomes "Mousy Fire", "Ryoko", a beautiful and quiet gi

Hikaru, Sora and Ryoko (Haruna at the bottom) first design ever

rl meets the blue mouse "Nezu-Mizu" and becomes "Mousy Water". The three girls have to fight with their new powers against the evil warrior "Mousy Dark" accompanied by her dark black mascot "Nezu-Kurai". At the end of the season, Mousy Love, Fire and Water manage to save Mousy Dark and Nezu-Kurai from the influence of the real evil organisation and Hikaru, Sora and Ryoko discovers that Mousy Dark and Nezu Kurai are actually the shy classmate "Haruna" and the lost friend of Nezu-Ai, a light purple mouse called "Nezu-Kaze". New aventures will wait for the three heroines (and some new) in the second season against the "unknown" evil organization.

Second Season[]

Hikaru, Sora and Ryoko continue their school lives and their fights as Mousy Warriors against the "unknown" evil organization. The enemies are powered up and almost defeat the three heroines, at this moment Haruna has to take self confidence and with the help of Nezu-Kaze, she becomes the fourth warrior called "Mousy Wind". Also two new misterious warriors appear: an idol boy transfered student called "Jun" accompanied by her light brown partner "Nezu-Sanda" that transform into the female warrior "Mousy Thunder" and a mature black girl that transform into "Mousy Nature" with the help of her female green partner "Nezu-Shizen". Hikaru, Sora, Ryoko and Haruna don't know the identifies of the new warriors. Jun and Ryoko fall in love, but Ryoko becomes very confused when Mousy Thunder kisses her as Mousy Water (like a "yuri" story). Finally, the four girls discover that the male idol Jun is the female warrior Mousy Thunder, and Mousy Nature is actually the teacher responsible of the school infirmary named "Chie". The six girls together finally are able to defeat the boss of the "unknown" evil organization.


Hikaru / Mousy Love and Nezu-Ai[]

Mousy Love.jpg

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Sora / Mousy Fire and Nezu-Kasai[]

Mousy Fire.jpg

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Ryoko / Mousy Water and Nezu-Mizu[]

Mousy Water.jpg

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Haruna / Mousy Dark / Mousy Wind and Nezu-Kurai / Nezu-Kaze[]

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Jun / Mousy Thunder and Nezu-Sanda[]

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Chie / Mousy Nature and Nezu-Shizen[]

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