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Pretty Rhythm Lovely Flower
Kanji プリティーリズム·ラブリーフラワー
Romaji Puritī Rizumu: Raburī Furawā
Anime Season Information
Created by DaisyandMangaForever
Writers DaisyandMangaForever
Studio Tatsunoko Production
Network TV Tokyo
Original Run March 28, 2015 - May 21, 2016
Artist DaisyandMangaForever
Opening Themes My Lovely Flower

Tsubomi ~Hoshi no Burūmingu~

Closing Themes Mirakuru Ai

Mirai e no Kibou
Maatarashii Hi

Series Information
Series Pretty Rhythm
Predecessor Pretty Rhythm All-Star Selection
Successor Pretty Rhythm Shining Star

Pretty Rhythm Lovely Flower (プリティーリズム·ラブリーフラワー Puritī Rizumu: Raburī Furawā) is the fifth series of the Pretty Rhythm anime created by DaisyandMangaForever. It revolves around four girls, Suzuki Melody, Takawa Kanade, Fukumura Hoshi, and well known Prism Star Hanami Akira. They work together as they deal with their normal lives and Prism Star life.


Pretty Rhythm Lovely Flower episodes

Suzuki Melody is a normal 14-year-old girl who, along with Takawa Kanade and Fukumura Hoshi, is scouted to become a Prism Star. With Prism Star Hanami Akira, they become a group called Lovely♥ and work hard to get to the top. However, it's harder than it looks...



  • Suzuki Melody (鈴木メロディー Suzuki Merodī)
    • Voiced by:Orikasa Fumiko
    • The clumsy, but outgoing 14-year-old protagonist who has a great sense of fashion. She's not that great at her studies, but is pretty popular at school. She has a crush on Hashimoto Kouki, but doesn't talk about it. She looks up to Akira and is glad to have her in her group. She works hard to become a Prism Star.
  • Takawa Kanade (高和かなで Takawa Kanade)
    • Voiced by:Horikawa Chika
    • A graceful, kind 14-year-old-girl who's talent is dancing. She is very intelligent, but isn't very good when it comes to Physical Education. She likes Kimura Makoto, and doesn't mind talking about it. She loves her friends in Lovely♥, and gets along very well. She tries her best as a Prism Star.
  • Fukumura Hoshi  (福村ほし Fukumura Hoshi)
    • Voiced by:Kotobuki Minako
  • Hanami Akira (花美あきら Hanami Akira)
    • Voiced by:Maeda Ai


Opening Songs

  1. My Lovely Flower by Prizmmy☆
  2. SHIAWASENA SONGU! by Lovely♥
  3. Tsubomi ~Hoshi no Burūmingu~ by Prizmmy☆
  4. SUTEKI CHOU by Lovely♥

Ending Songs