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Shining Light Pretty Cure
Kanji シャイニングライトプリキュア!
Romaji Shainingu Raito Purikyua!
Anime Season Information
Created by User:CureHibiki
Writers User:CureHibiki
Studio Toei Animation
Network TV Asahi
Opening Themes Shine! Pretty Cure Jewel!

Okay! Shining Light Pretty Cure!

Closing Themes Miracle Star

Kirameki no mirai

Series Information
Series Pretty Cure

Shining Light Pretty Cure!(シャイニングライトプリキュア! Shainingu Raito Purikyua!) is a Japanese magical girl anime created by CureKanade. The series is to air on February 14, 2016 and is to have 45 episodes. The theme is jewels.


Shining Light Pretty Cure! Episodes



Otoshiro Arisa (音白ありさ Otoshiro Arisa)/ Cure Opal (キュアオパー Kyua Opāru) - The main protagonist of the show who has a cheerful personality. Arisa is very creative and full of hope and is very innocence, not meaning to get mixed up into the world of Pretty Cure. She is very protective, mostly trying to stop bullying or protect the world from the Rising Hunters. As Cure Opal, her theme colour is pink and her power is based of hope.

Yukimura Mizuki (雪村みずき Yukimura Mizuki)/ Cure Sapphire (キュアサファイア Kyua Safaia) - The Pretty Cure partner of Arisa. She has a lot of faith and is very supportive and always showing respect to others. She is very smart and calm and is always seen with her head in a book. She dreams of being a psychologist. As Cure Sapphire, her theme colour is blue and her power is based of water.

Akane Seira (赤根セイラ Akane Seira)/ Cure Ruby (キュアルビー Kyua Rubī) - The third Cure to join the team who appeared in the second episode. Seira is full of peace and loves to sing, wanting to be an idol when she is older. She is a fashion model and is full of good luck and has many good friends, finding friends like a magnet. As Cure Ruby, her theme colour is red and her power is based of fire and strength.

Cure Turquoise (キュアターコイズ Kyua Tākoizu)


Opening Songs[]

  1. Shine! Pretty Cure Jewel! (Ep 1 to 21) - Mayu Kudo
  2. Okay! Shining Light Pretty Cure! (Ep 22 - 45) - Hitomi Yoshida and Aya Ikeda

Ending Songs[]

  1. Miracle Star (Ep 1 to 21) - Sayaka Nakaya
  2. Kirameki no mirai (Ep 22 to 45) - Yui Horie


  • This is the first series to air one week later than usual.
  • This is the shortest Pretty Cure series in history due to only have 45 episodes while all the others have around 47 - 50 episodes.
  • This is the third series to start off with a pink and blue duo.
  • This series shares the same art designer (Ryutaro Masuda) as Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!
  • This is the first series to have a turquoise themed colour Cure.
  • This is the first series where the second opening doesn't have the same title, lyrics or tune to the first opening.
    • It is also the first time that an opening of this series has two singers instead of the usual one singer.