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Suzuki Melody
Kanji 鈴木メロディー
Romaji Suzuki Merodī
Full Name Suzuki Melody
Nicknames Fashionista, Melody-chan, Suzuki-san
Species Human
Occupation Prism Star
Affiliation Lovely♥
Personal Information
Current Residence Kagayaki, Japan
Gender Female
Age 14
Birthdate May 15, 1999
Star Sign Tarus
Eye Color Deep Pink
Hair Color Blonde
Theme Color Pink
Fashion Element Lovely
Blood Type A
Likes Cute things, friends, animals, fashion, pink, Kouki, Prism Shows
Dislikes Studies, rival Prism Stars, talking about crushes, when she loses
Anime Information
Series Pretty Rhythm Lovely Flower
Debut Episode The Beginning of My Prism Star Life!
Voiced by Orikasa Fumiko

Suzuki Melody (鈴木メロディー Suzuki Merodī) is the main protagonist of the anime Pretty Rhythm Lovely Flower. She is the leader of Lovely♥ and has a great sense of fashion. Her original plans were to become a designer, but instead decided to become a Prism Star. Melody's best friends are Takawa Kanade and Fukumura Hoshi. Although Hanami Akira is also her best friend, Melody thinks of her as a big sister or role model. Her love interest is Hashimoto Kouki, and she gets embarrassed when people talk about him and her.




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Image Songs[]


Suzuki (鈴木) - Suzu means "bell", and ki means "tree". Together, it would mean "bell tree".

Melody (メロディー) - Melody is an English word that is part of music, which goes along with Pretty Rhythm well.



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